WellnessLounge: Welcome. To wellbeing.

The Spreewald Thermenhotel combines relaxation in the Spreewald Therme with high-quality spa treatments in a peaceful and exclusive setting.

Here, you can experience the Spreewald “first hand” through locally sourced, nurturing ingredients such as linseed oil, cucumber, water mint, comfrey and of course our very own Spreewald brine. Qualified and friendly therapists take you on a vacation from everyday life. Body and mind can recharge, while you enjoy a massage, a beauty treatment, a soft pack or a sensual bath.

Please make sure to book your spa treatments on time.

To make or cancel an appointment please contact us.

Telephone: +49 35603 18850
E-Mail: info@spreewald-thermenhotel.de

We wish you a relaxing stay.

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