SoleBad (brine bath): Draw strength. In natural spring water. Immerse yourself. In the good life.

A tranquil atmosphere, a modern décor, warmth and peace for those moments of unspoilt enjoyment. That is how we guarantee a relaxed visit in the Spreewald Therme, surrounded in the greenery of the Biosphere Reserve Spreewald.
The natural brine originates at a depth of 1350 metres directly beneath the Spreewald Therme. With a mineral content of 23,9 %, it is one of the richest brines around.

In the SoleBad, you may choose between 6 indoor pools and 1 outdoor pools with jet stream canal. The water temperatures range from 18 to 38 °C (64 to 100 °F), and also the mineral concentration varies. Just dive in, let your spirits flow and leave everyday life behind. Two giant wooden barrels – an allusion to the Spreewald tradition of preserving pickled gherkins – accommodate a steam bath and a brine inhalation, completing our range of pampering treatments.